Grey Court Pleated Skirt


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Grey Court Pleated Skirt

Grey school skirt, pleated with school logo on left hem.  Compulsory item (either plain black trousers or school skirt).

The school has requested that the skirt should be worn no shorter than just above the knee.  Length 20″ is the standard length, if you require a longer length than available online please contact us at 

Sizing information:

The sizing gives the waist measurement then the length measurement – so a 28/20in is a 28 waist skirt that is 20 long. 

Waist: measure around the natural waistline, the smallest part.

Skirt length: measure from just below the bellybutton to the desired length. 

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9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 20/20in, 22/20in, 24/20in, 26/20in, 28/20in, 30/20in, 32/20in, 34/20in, 36/20in, 38/20in, 40/20in, 22/22in, 24/22in, 26/22in, 28/22in, 30/22in, 32/22in, 34/22in, 36/22in, 38/22in, 40/22in, 26/24in, 28/24in, 30/24in, 32/24in, 34/24in