Holy Cross School Skirt


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Holy Cross School Skirt

School skirt, to be worn all year round (replacing the previous winter and summer skirts).
Please note – the school skirt must be worn on the knee, no shorter or longer.

Sizing Information:
The first measurement is the waist size, the second measurement is the length (e.g. 30/22in = 30″ waist, 22″ length)
Weight N/A

22/20in, 22/22in, 24/20in, 24/22in, 26/20in, 26/22in, 26/24in, 28/20in, 28/22in, 28/24in, 30/20in, 30/22in, 30/24in, 32/20in, 32/22in, 32/24in, 34/20in, 34/22in, 34/24in, 36/20in, 36/22in, 36/24in, 38/20in, 38/22in, 38/24in, 40/22in, 40/24in