The Kingston Academy School Skirt


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The Kingston Academy School Skirt

Charcoal grey regulation skirt with front pleat and zipped pocket.  To be worn on the knee.  Compulsory item.

The sizing gives the waist measurement then the length measurement – so a 28/22in is a 28″ waist skirt that is 22″ long.

If you don’t see the size you require please call the store or submit an enquiry on the Contact Us page.  Please note any special orders take 4-6 weeks.

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22/20in, 22/22in, 24/20in, 24/22in, 26/20in, 26/22in, 26/24in, 28/20in, 28/22in, 28/24in, 30/20in, 30/22in, 30/24in, 32/20in, 32/22in, 32/24in, 34/20in, 34/22in, 34/24in, 36/20in, 36/22in, 36/24in, 38/20in, 38/22in, 40/20in, 40/22in